REY’s software is split across different projects that are available in several Github repositories. Here’s a list of all of them.


This is REY’s documentation (i.e., what you’re reading now), which is deployed at Read the Docs.


This is the command-line interface for REY. It’s the recommended way of using all the different projects and tools, as it facilitates managing different development environments and using the supplied docker images.


This project is a set of scripts. They are the one-off commands which are executed from rey-cli to deploy a manifest file, fund a channel, run a REY app, etc. They are stored in a docker image to reduce the dependencies when running them from rey-cli.


This project is the JavaScript SDK for REY. It enables performing all of REY’s actions, such as running apps or signing permissions, using a JavaScript interface.


This project is the gatekeeper, a REY app proxy that deals with the REY protocol to simplify building REY apps. The gatekeeper is used in the tutorial section.


This project contains the smart contracts for the registry and the transaction tracking. They are deployed in a local blockchain node that is stored in a docker image. This simplifies development, as this blockchain node can be easily instantiated using rey-cli dev node.